Computer Lab Management

Managing a school, so that it guarantees a quality education is one of the fundamental roles of a school administrator. It seems simple, but to carry out that role, that administrator faces challenges that go a great deal beyond just complying with and making others comply with laws and regulations.

Certainly the school infrastructure is one of the factors that increase the possibilities of providing an efficient education. It is undeniable that a school equipped with modern resources and technology will offer better teaching quality and, therefore, perform its role better. But, what makes it difficult in employing technology within schools?

The research at CETIC (Research Center on Information Technology and Communication) takes a look at this issue:

Considering these factors, mynetworks developed and provides specialized services and IT solutions for the educational field, coupled with equipment supply and technologies for a pedagogic project, and training and qualifying the teaching staff for integrating these tools to its educational curriculum.


mynetworks has developed an ideal solution for schools seeking to implement or update their computer labs, offering not only equipment, but also installation, configuration, and support and maintenance services as well.

The concept is simple:

in summary, mynetworks plans, sets up, and manages the computer lab in your school, with state-of-the-art and based on your pedagogic purpose. You rent the infrastructure and installation services, technical support, and maintenance – all tailor made and including a low initial investment, in a “pay-per-use” model.


Access to state-of-the-art educational technologies with a low initial investment.

Enhanced budgeting control for the school based on a set monthly payment.

This does away with the need for an internal IT maintenance team – all technical support and services are included.

Purchase as the Infrastructure as Service (IaaS), avoiding expenses on assets and facilitating the technological upgrade process.


Low initial investment

As it is not necessary to invest in purchasing equipment and software, our services result in substantial savings for your teaching establishment.


It is possible to notice your savings, as you pay only for the use of the IT equipment instead of purchasing it. Our services are metered so you pay only what you use.


This enables your teaching establishment to adjust to the size and number of available stations in the computer lab, based on demand, easily and quickly.

Costs on specialized IT personnel

Maintenance and support costs are greatly reduced, since our products aggregate all the support and maintenance services for your computer lab infrastructure. You only pay the monthly contracted price and nothing more.


The latest generation of Computers, Laptops, and Tablets. Installed with original Windows operating system.

Projector (Datashow) with screen – there is an option for interactive digital board.

Sound and multimedia resources for all equipment.

Shared printer.

All equipment is interconnected to the network environment cabling/wireless and access to Internet (optional).

Educational software is supplied (optional).

Installation and Configuration Services.

On-site Maintenance Services and Hardware Support for 36 months.

and even more:

Guaranteed technological upgrade and replacement of equipment when contract is renewed!

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