High Performance Wireless

Although Wireless technology is an integral part of all computers we utilize, whether it is a desktop, a tablet, or a smartphone, Wi-Fi access technology was designed and optimized for areas of very limited coverage, such as inside a house or office.

Using Wi-Fi in outdoor environments for larger coverage areas, such as universities, hotels, parks, or even more challenging environments as neighborhoods, harbors, and airports reveals the limitations of the Wi-Fi technology:

  • Limited coverage range from access point;
  • Inconsistent user experience, problems in frequent disconnections and irregular coverage;
  • Inefficiency in situations where there are many simultaneous connections by a large number of users.

The result: Many believe that WiFi is not a feasible solution for broad range coverage in outdoor areas.

The mynetworks solutions by Altai Technologies were designed to overcome these inherent limitations of Wi-Fi, making it possible to provide high-capacity and dependable coverage in large indoor and outdoor spaces. Our Altai Super Wi-Fi technologies are unique in the market and now they are available to supply you incomparable performance.


The mynetworks solutions by Altai Technologies were designed to overcome these inherent limitations of Wi-Fi, making it possible to provide high-capacity, quality, and dependable coverage in large indoor and outdoor spaces:

Super Smart Antennatm


  • Better coverage: The Super Smart Antenna technology provide enhanced signal range, providing more uniform and better indoor penetration of the signal.
  • Greater capacity: The MIMO 8×8 technology supplies an average of 5 times better yield than the MIMO 3×3 standard in complex NLOS (Non-line-of-sight) surroundings.
  • Improved efficiency: The AirFi technology practically doubles the efficiency of the WiFi cells, due to optimized intelligence, even when there are a great number of simultaneous connections.

Super Coveragetm


The majority of standard Wi-Fi clients can connect to a wireless access point (AP) in a very limited range. They may work every well in an indoor area from a short distance range, but they display great performance limitations and very access range in large outdoor spaces.

The mynetworks solutions by Altai Technologies are equipped with a system of high tech antennas (Super Smart Antenna) integrated to its family of Super Wi-Fi stations considerably increasing the performance of any standard Wi-Fi client. Our patented antenna technology is based on a unique 8 element structure and an exclusive algorithm for processing the signals:

  • The data signal to the Wi-Fi client is captured by all 8 elements of the antenna matrix
  • The Smart Antenna technology processes the signal in real time and optimizes the SINR (signal interference noise ratio) of each Wi-Fi client
  • The Smart Antenna technology obtains polarization and angulation of the signal based on its 8 element antenna matrix and multiple radios, thereby considerably improving the quality and dependability of the connection

The combined utilization of these technologies in the Super Wi-Fi base stations provides the following advantages:

  • Dynamically routes the signal beam towards the Wi-Fi clients, significantly increasing the signal gain to at least 14dB (comparable to AP market standards) AP
  • The signal beam is dynamically routed to the Wi-Fi client and thereby reducing/suppressing any possible interferences from signals coming from other directions

Super Capacitytm


The mynetworks solutions by Altai Technologies employ two technologies concurrently, thereby increasing up to 10 times the capacity of our base stations:

  • The patented Smart Antenna technology – increased diversity of antennas manages the power of the signal and enhanced distance yield.
  • The AirFi technology – an exclusive algorithm for band control implemented in the Wi-Fi layer, increasing the efficiency and capacity of the solution.

Contrary to the solutions available from other manufacturers, supplying a MIMO 3×3 capacity, the mynetworks solution by Altai Technologies is equipped with a powerful set of 8 element antennas, enabling the base station to implement a MIMO 8×8 capacity including two simultaneous flows. Our MIMO 8×8 technology implements an enhanced cost x benefit relationship, resulting in a multiplication and more efficient capacity for each Wi-Fit channel.

Besides that, our AirFi technology overcomes one of the most fundamental challenges of the Wi-Fi technology: reduced efficiency in cells connected to over 10 users and “hidden-users” (users who cannot detect transmitted data from other users, bringing about a high number of collisions in the network). This technology utilizes a standard mechanism for controlling and programming the transmission of packages to each Wi-Fi client, thus reducing these collisions and enhancing the performance and network utilization.

Super Interference Immunitytm


​One of the benefits of our patented Smart Antenna technology is its narrow beam routed to the user and it inherently attenuates possible interferences originating from all directions that are not within the routed beam to the Wi-Fi client.

Combined with an exclusive algorithm for automatically selecting channel, the mynetworks solutions by Altai Technologies automatically monitors and selects the Wi-Fi channels with the least interference, providing better protection, performance, and immunity to interferences:


When a base station undergoes interference of the signal from an adjacent site, only one sector is affected – the other sectors can still continue operating properly.

Macro Coverage

Altai A8n and A8n (ac) Super WiFi solution for Macro Coverage

The Altai A8n Super WiFi product family was designed for macro coverage, which means, the availability of WiFi access covering large areas uniformly, using only one base station.

The Altai Smart Antenna and Altai AirFi are at the core of the Altai A8n Super WiFi base station family – a powerful combination of the implementation of MIMO 8×8 plus the Altai proprietary technologies for increase range, more uniform coverage, and increased capacity –technologies that enable the A8n base stations incomparable performance.

The mynetworks macro coverage solutions by Altai Technologies, provide a fewer number of base stations necessary for providing high performance coverage and capacity for a square kilometer rang, reducing the number of sites, the CAPEX and OPEX of the WiFi solution as a whole.

The benefits of the Altai A8n Super WiFi product family include:

  • 10 times the coverage area compared to any other standard solution for access points and uniform coverage in NLOS (Non-line-of-sight) conditions;
  • Up to 300Mbps of access capacity + 867Mbps of backhaul capacity, due to the multi-streaming MIMO 8×8 capacity – up to 1,167Mbps of performance in a 802.11ac standard;
  • Double the effective capacity for each WiFi channel due to the exclusive technology for distributing resources based on the Altai AirFi proprietary technology;
  • High resilience to interference due to the Altai Smart Antenna technology and its advanced algorithm for automatically selecting channels;
  • Conceived specifically to coexist with any cellular radio at a distance of only 50cm., without degrading the performance of the cellular network as well as the WiFi base station;
  • Simplified solution – fewer sites are necessary and the base stations provide simplier installation;
  • Lower CAPEX costs – fewer sites are required and base stations for WiFi coverage per square kilometer;
  • Lower OPEX costs – especially due to the fewer number of sites/locations for renting, maintaining, and connecting per square kilometer.

Scenarios for the application of the mynetworks Macro Coverage solutions by Altai Technologies:

  • 3G/4G offloading
  • Wireless broad band access
  • Residential broad band access
  • Commercial broad band access
  • Hospitality (indoor/outdoor coverage for hotels, resorts, hospitals, shopping malls, etc.)
  • Municipal networks
  • Harbors, airports
  • Video surveillance
  • Educational campuses
Micro Coverage

Altai A2 and A3 Super WiFi solutions for Micro Coverage

A family of WiFi Altai A2 access points is designed for WiFi micro coverage at an affordable and profitable cost – complementing the Altai A8n Super WiFi systems for increasing the capacity of the solution, extending the coverage and filling the outlying areas supplied with low or not signal due to large physical obstructions. Since the Altai A3 access point family incorporates the latest 802.11ac MIMO 3×3 technologies enabling a performance up to 1300Mbps.

The Altai A2 and A3 access point can operate in various modes, actuating as a strong high capacity backhaul solution for Altai A8n Super WiFi base stations or as a repeater for achieving better coverage in weak signal areas, such as scenarios of outdoor-to-indoor coverage and long range CPE.

The benefits of the Altai A2 and A3 access point families include:

  • Excellent cost/benefit relationship for micro coverage – for small areas as well as for areas with a weak signal;
  • An excellent backhaul solution for Altai A8n Super WiFi base stations;
  • High capacity: Up to 300Mbps of access capacity + 300Mbps of backhaul capacity for the Altai A2 family and up to 450Mbps+1300Mbps for the Altai A3 family;
  • It doubles the effective capacity for the WiFi channel due to the exclusive technology of resource distribution based on the proprietary Altai AirFi technology;
  • High resilience to interference due to the Altai Smart Antenna technology and its advanced algorithm for automatically selecting channels;
  • There are versatile options of integrated and external antennas, for 2.4Ghz as well as for 5Ghz.

Scenarios for the application of the mynetworks Micro Coverage solutions by Altai Technologies:

  • Supply WiFi coverage for small remote locations
  • As a cost effective solution for increasing the capacity of base stations for Altai A8n Super WiFi macro coverage
  • As a repeater for outdoor-to-indoor coverage repeater: extending the coverage from existing outdoor to indoor locations (inside shopping malls, for example)
  • As a long range and high capacity CPE, for access to commercial broad band;
  • Video surveillance;
  • Educational campuses.
Pico Coverage

Altai C1n Super WiFi Solutions for Pico Coverage

Provide a dependable WiFi and high capacity connection for final users many times requires a sufficiently powerful CPE or a local repeater or pico coverage (in-house). The CPE mynetworks solutions by Altai Technologies are specifically designed for taking advantage of the proprietary technologies provided by the Altai A8n Super WiFi base stations (Altai Smart Antenna and Altai AirFi).

They are designed focused on service suppliers/operators, the CPEs Altai include a powerful mechanism for controlling band width, enabling operators to create different plans for multiple users using only one CPE.

The following are the benefits of the Altai C1n CPE family:

  • High performance, due to intelligent signal processing, double inclined antennas, and high gain;
  • Dependable WiFi Connections are provided in cases where standard WiFi clients with lower power WiFi are not able to connect;
  • Increase connection capacity and performance for final users;
  • There are options for flexible assembly, including a table, a window, or external installations;
  • Simplified installation, due to the automatic network and base station selection technologies, as well as the integrated tool for antenna alignment;
  • There are specific functionalities of ISPs for differentiated services and capacity limitations for users;
  • Multiple user connections can be enabled though a single CPE.
Wireless Backhaul

Altai A2, A3 and C1an Solutions Bridge for Wireless Backhaul

The mynetworks by Altai Technologies offers a complete solution for wireless backhaul, ranging from C1n/C1an models providing an excellent cost/benefit relationship to the A2/A2and/A3 models for long range. All the equipment can be managed remotely and centralized, which provides high level visibility, control, and solution optimization.

The following are the benefits of the Altai wireless bridge family:

  • Flexibility of integrated or external antennas;
  • 4Ghz / 4.9Ghz up to 6.0Ghz;
  • PTP or PTMP solutions;
  • 11b/g/n, 802.11a/n or TDMA standards;

The scenarios of the mynetworks Wireless Backhaul solutions by Altai Technologies:

  • 3G / 4G / WiFi Backhaul
  • Video surveillance
  • Backhaul for private networks
Network Management

Altai Wireless Management System (AWMS)

The implementation of a WiFi network for covering large areas (a city, for example) requires a management system and advanced monitoring, in order to maintain a consistent service, including quality, and high performance.

The management system for Altai AWMS networks offers a powerful tool for managing large wireless network infrastructures, enabling the batch updating of equipment configurations, as well as, collecting status parameters from the network – including errors, alarms, and information on the performance of each component of the solution, providing an overall graphic map.

The features of the Altai AWMS solution include:

  • Centralized configuration and monitoring covering all network elements;
  • A visual alert on failures through a network map;
  • Individual and/or batch configuration of the network elements;
  • Configuration using templates or equipment groups;
  • Automatic detection and provisioning of network elements;
  • Performance reports on the network in real time;
  • Remote provisioning, management, and diagnostics of the CPE elements of the network.